May 8, 2023 > May 12, 2023
Köln, Germany

Data collection

The ALFAC consortium held a transnational meeting in Köln, Germany about the organisation of the data collection and record-keeping of children's results on the Aquatic Literacy test in each country and through Europe.

The purpose was to discuss the final details in the construction of the ALFAC test battery that will be used to assess the Aquatic Literacy level of 6-12 year old children in Europe. We also trained our national representatives for the implementation of the tests in Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Portugal.
Ilka Staub and Tobias Vogt hosted the meeting in the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln with the kind help of their partners Heliosschule, HerwegenSchule and Kopfsprung Köln e.V.
Thanks to whom we were able to set up a great training session.