Dec 4, 2023 > Dec 7, 2023
Perth, Australia

World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2023

Our ALFAC team travelled to Perth, Australia, to represent the project at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention.

Five communications were achieved:


  • Léa Mekkaoui presented the challenges and stages of the project with a poster.
  • Kristine De Martelaer presented a poster detailing part of the questionnaire in our test battery designed to measure children's perception of risks in the natural environment and in swimming pools.
  • Ilka Staub spoke about the actual and perceived skills measured in our test battery and the validation procedure.
  • Léa Mekkaoui talked about the first French results for the psycho-motor dimension assessed using the combined skills test.
  • Susana Soares described the construction methodology and content of the pedagogical toolbox for developing aquatic literacy levels in Europe.

It was a great pleasure to disseminate the initial results to the international academics our theoretical frameworks draw inspiration from, as well as to life-saving foundations and federations, which implement various measures and interventions to prevent drowning accidents on a daily basis.