The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a Dutch and English-speaking research university located in Brussels, Belgium. The university is organised into 8 faculties that accomplish the three central missions of the university: education, research, and service to the community. The faculties cover a broad range of fields of knowledge including the natural sciences, classics, life sciences, social sciences, humanities, and engineering. The university provides bachelor, master, and doctoral education to about 8,000 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students. It is also a strongly research-oriented institute, which has led to its top-189th position among universities worldwide. At the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, our main objects are providing education, conducting scientific research and providing services to society in the field of Movement-and Rehabilitation Sciences. The faculty provides bachelor and master studies in Physical Education and Movement Sciences, and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel will be represented by:

Kristine De Martelaer

Kristine De Martelaer is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). She currently teaches sport history and philosophy, didactics, PE curriculum development, and basic life support (BLS). Her research activities are situated within sport pedagogy, including a focus on fundamental movement skills of young children, water competencies, PE teachers and voluntary youth coaches, didactical approaches in PE and swimming, and ethics in sport. She had a special Chair “Pedagogy of Physical Education”, embedded in the division of Education of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Utrecht University.

Eva D’Hondt

Eva D'Hondt is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). In addition to a varied educational package, her research agenda and scientif track record is situated within the domains of Motor competence, development and control; Body composition, growth and maturation; Energy-balance related behaviour in relation to general and more specific aspects of health. Since 2020, she is head of the Movement and Nutrition for Health and Performance (MOVE) research group ( Eva D’Hondt also is the co-chair of the UGent-VUB Alliance Research Group Physical Activity and Nutrition (PANU) since 2016. She is also a lifetime member of the International Motor Development Research Consortium.

Linde Van Droogenbroeck