Public Institution “Active Vilnius” Is non-profit public institution, established by Vilnius city municipality. Sveikas miestas is operating in physical education and sports areas, developing and propagating the idea of a healthy society and “Sports for All” movement, as well as organizing the physical education and sports events in Vilnius. Institution is the operator of a municipality owned 8 path swimming pool and gym in Fabijoniskiu district, White bridge sports ground. Public institution “Sveikas miestas” operates the Fabijoniskiu swimming pool and gym. Organization / coordination of projects and major sport events in the city: (1) Second grade learning to swim project in Vilnius, up to 4000 kids in different swimming pools of Vilnius (from September to May). (2) Swimming camp for children aged 6-17 (from June to August). (3) Creates an opportunity for professional swimming skills to be improved, organizing competitions.

The Public Institution “Active Vilnius” will be represented by:

Mindaugas Vilius

Mindaugas is responsible for creating new ideas, projects, programs, events and managing them to accomplish with his colleagues.


Researcher and teacher of swimming. At the project he will be responsible as a researcher and teacher of swimming. Has competence as a professional swimmer, coach and projects coordinator.

Carolina Dilytė

Karolina Dilytė has competence in dealing with information through communication channels, organizing sport and wellness events for private and public needs, public speaking, being a moderator of the event and conducting the event.


The LTU Aquatics (formerly Lithuanian Swimming Federation, Lithuanian: Lietuvos plaukimo federacija, LPF) is the national federation for Aquatics in body of swimming in Lithuania, as well as the other Aquatics sports: diving, artistic swimming and open water swimming. It is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1924. During Soviet Union occupation federation was closed and re-founded at 1991. It is both a member of LEN and FINA.

On 29 May 2023 Lithuanian Swimming Federation changed its official name to LTU Aquatics.

The Lithuanian Swimming Federation Information and Services Bureau (LPF) has beenorganizing and coordinating children's swimming projects since 2009. The "Learn to swim"project in Lithuania takes place at 35 swimming pools in 25 municipalities. Our projects areessential activities in several respects - teaching basic swimming skills and safe behavior in the water, drowning prevention, increasing physical activity, and encouraging children to swim after the project is completed. In addition, swimming exercises are carried out in collaboration with schools during physical education lessons, making them available not only to children whose parents find time to bring their children to the swimming pool after school. But also, for those who do not have access to the swimming pool after school.

The Lithuanian Swimming Federation Information and Services Bureau will be represented by:

Urte Mankiene